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Anna Johnson Jewelry

Medium Gold Serpentine Earrings

Medium Gold Serpentine Earrings

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18k gold over silver and bronze. Lost wax cast.

Each earring, 1.75" x .6"

Also available in bright silver and blackened silver. Lost wax cast.

Years back, a dear friend ventured into the old high school in Boone, NC, and found a collection of specimen jars containing various relics. Among them was a perfectly coiled ring-necked snake, which she gave to me to see if there was a way I could give it new life. I crossed my fingers, said a prayer to the casting gods, and began prepping it for casting. The casting process is far from a guaranteed success, especially when casting organic matter. The little snake came out as perfection; still, the original, cast in bronze, sits on my bench. I made a mold of the metal snake, and thus the serpentine collection was born! All the snakes to follow are still that little ring-necked snake.

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